Food Journey

Let me give you a bit of history about my issue with eating. I love to eat. Seriously love it. Like my favourite thing to do. Who doesn’t LOVE to eat, right? The problem is that when I eat I am in pain. The type of pain depends on what I’m eating. But bloating and just general discomfort are always present.  And it sucks.

This all started when I was about 16. It started slowly. I didn’t have pain at first, just the bloating and discomfort. And then it just grew from there. When I was 18, the severe pain started. By 20, I had to stop eating meat.

I began to realize what certain foods were causing me the most pain and what types of pain I was having. I started a food journal and I began seeing a gastroenterologist (basically a specialist for your digestive system). Meat was the worst. Sometimes I would curl up in a ball and stay like that for days because the pain was so bad. It gave me sharp pains all over my stomach, plus lots of cramping. I was also really bloated and had bad, bad gas pains. But nothing I did seemed to help. The only solution was to stop eating it.

The doctor only helped in one way: he discovered I also had a really bad B12 deficiency. He had me taking 1000mcg pills every day (which was wrong.. more on this later). After more ultrasounds and x-rays I can remember, a colonoscopy (SO unenjoyable), and 2 gastroscopies, no solution was given to me. So I gave up.

I was so tired of having the same tests done again and again expecting new results and getting nothing. I just tried to eat healthy and pay attention to things that caused me a lot of pain or bloating. It was exhausting. Constantly monitoring your food intake and results of what you’re eating is absolutely exhausting. I desperately just wanted to be able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, and not have to worry about the repercussions. And then came a new solution.

Four years after I cut out meat, and 8 years after this issue began, I had a new option. A co-worker of mine recommended her nutritionist. This was never something I had thought of doing. It was always too expensive since most health plans don’t cover it, and I never really understood how that could help. So out of my mind it went. But when it was mentioned at age 24, I thought “why the heck not”. And so I made an appointment. And she has changed my life.


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